Performance guided scheduling in GENIE through ICENI

Gulamali, M. Y., A. S. McGough, R. J. Marsh, N. R. Edwards, T. M. Lenton, P. J. Valdes, S. J. Cox, S. J. Newhouse, J. Darlington, and the GENIE team (2004) Performance guided scheduling in GENIE through ICENI, in Proc. UK e-Science All Hands Meeting 2004, pp. 792–799.


Initial work in the Grid ENabled Integrated Earth system model (GENIE) project involved a series of parameter sweep experiments using a Grid infrastructure consisting of a flocked Condor pool, a webservice oriented data management system and a web portal. In this paper we introduce the Imperial College E-Science Networked Infrastructure (ICENI) Grid middleware, and describe how it can be used to increase the efficiency of GENIE parameter sweep experiments. We perform several experiments using a combination of different computational resources and different job deployment mechanisms. Our results suggest that ICENI does not produce any significant overhead in the sojourn time of a GENIE parameter sweep experiment and can promote the sharing of computational resources between institutions.