GENIE: Delivering e-Science to the environmental scientist

Gulamali, M. Y., T. M. Lenton, A. Yool, A. R. Price, R. J. Marsh, N. R. Edwards, P. J. Valdes, J. L. Wason, S. J. Cox, M. Krznaric, S. Newhouse and J. Darlington (2003) GENIE: Delivering e-Science to the environmental scientist, in Proc. UK e-Science All Hands Meeting 2003, pp. 145–152.


The GENIE project aims to deliver a Grid-based, modular, distributed and scalable Earth System Model for long-term and paleo-climate studies to the environmental sciences community. In this paper we address the scientific problem of the vulnerability of the thermohaline circulation to the global climate,and describe our e-scientific solution using a Grid-based architecture involving Condor computational resources, web service oriented data management mechanisms and the employment of a web portal. We find that the scientific results of our e-science efforts are useful to the environmental science community, and provide a means of fulfilling the longer-term aims of the GENIE project.